Piano Chord-Melody

How to Play Chord-Melody on the Piano



How to play Chord-Melody on Piano the proper voice distribution. The 2-Part-System vs. the 3-Part-System.  “How do we use this knowledge of chords to be able to play songs by ear?”
​That is a great question because it brings up the concept of Chord-Melody. There is a misconception of the concept of Chord-Melody going around the internet in which they treat Chord-Melody as a 2 Part System.

Chord-Melody: The 2-Part System

The Chord-Melody is easily confused as a 2 Part System

Part 1 – Melody with the Right Hand.
Part 2 – Chords with the Left Hand.

We only use chords with the Left Hand when soloing with the right hand with a jazz band for example. But in this case, those are rootless chords and is an improvisation technique. But when playing the piano solo, without any accompaniment, we must think of Chord-Melody as a 3 Part System to make a better use of the notes range and extensions.

Chord-Melody: The 3-Part System

The Chord Melody is a 3 Part System, in which the Melody, Bass Line, and Chords are properly distributed between both hands.

Part 1 – Melody with the Right Hand.
Part 2 – Bass Line with the Left Hand.
Part 3 – The Chord in the Middle.

This position gives us a much wider range of notes.{“type”:”inserter”,”blocks”:[{“clientId”:”820a81bb-3003-4a26-beb7-264ae3ad0f27″,”name”:”core/video”,”isValid”:true,”attributes”:{“controls”:true,”preload”:”metadata”,”tracks”:[]},”innerBlocks”:[]}]}

The Piano as an Orchestra

The Piano is a Representation of the Orchestra, and as such we have to see the Piano as a composer, or an arranger does.

Sopranos – With the Right Hand.
Basses – With the Left Hand.
Baritones, Tenors, and Altos – in the Middle.

By using this technique, we have access to a full range of colors and extensions.