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How to Play Chord-Melody on Piano

How to play Chord-Melody on Piano the proper voice distribution. The 2-Part-System vs. the 3-Part-System.

"How to use his knowledge of chords to be able to play songs by ear."

​That is a great question because it brings up the concept of Chord-Melody.There is a misinterpretation of the concept of Chord-Melody going around the internet in which they treat Chord-Melody as a 2 Part System.

Chord-Melody as a 2 Part System.

The Chord-Melody is easily confused as a 2 Part System

Part 1 - Melody with the Right Hand.
Part 2 - Chords with the Left Hand.

We only use chords with the Left Hand when soloing with the right hand with a jazz band for example.But in this case, those are rootless chords and is an improvisation technique.But when playing the piano solo, without any accompaniment, we must think of Chord-Melody as a 3 Part System to make a better use of the notes range and extensions.

Chord-Melody as a 3 Part System:

The Chord Melody is a 3 Part System, in which the Melody, Bass Line, and Chords are properly distributed between both hands.

Part 1 - Melody with the Right Hand.
Part 2 - Bass Line with the Left Hand.
Part 3 - The Chord in the Middle.

This position gives us a much wider range of notes.

The Piano is a Representation of the Orchestra

The Piano is a Representation of the Orchestra, and as such we have to see the Piano as a composer, or an arranger does.

Sopranos - With the Right Hand.
Basses - With the Left Hand.
Baritones, Tenors, and Altos - in the Middle.

By using this technique, we have access to a full range of colors and extensions.

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