Piano Open Chords

How to Play Major Chords on the Piano – P2


Triad Chords

In this video lesson, we will learn how to play piano Major Open Chords and how we should appropriately distribute the notes between both hands. Open chord voicing is used for orchestral, strings, and pad arrangements since open chords produce a colorful sound and provide a wider separation between the instruments. Open chords are also helpful when playing 'Chord-Melody' because that gives more space to our melody line.

The C Major Chord – Close Disposition

We get a close chord when the notes are close together in a way that no other chord note can fit in between.

C Major Triad on the Keyboard

The C Major Open Chord

We get an open chord when we space out the 'notes of the chord,' creating gaps between them.

Open C Triad Chord on the Keyboard

Major Open Chord on Root Position

To create an open chord, we move the middle note of the chord one octave up. On root position, the 'middle note' of the chord is the 3rd (in this case, E).

C Major Triad / Closed and Opened

Major Open Chord on 1st Inversion

For 1st inversion, the middle note is the perfect 5th (in this case, G) to make the open chord; we play it one octave up.

C Major Triad on 1st Inversion / Opened and Closed

Major Open Chord on 2nd Inversion

For the 2nd inversion, the middle note is the root (in this case, C)

C Major Triad on 2nd Inversion / Opened and Closed