Piano Major Chords

How to Play Major Chords on the Piano – P1


Triad Chords

The major triads along with the minor triads are the building blocks of our musical vocabulary. The major chords are stable, other chords (minor and dominant) tend to resolve to them. The major triad chords consist of 3 notes:  root (1), major third (3), perfect fifth (5) 

The C Major Chord

C Major Triad - All Inversions

The Major Triad chords are formed by 2 intervals. A Major 3rd between root and 3rd. And a Minor 3rd, between the 3rd and 5th.

C Triad Chord Structue

To play the major triad chords in root position with both hands on the piano, we play:

LH: 1,5 (Perfect 5th Interval)
RH: 1,3,5 (Major Triad)