Piano 6th Diminished Scale

How to Play the 6th Diminished Scale


Diminished Notes

In this video we are going to learn how to use the 6th diminished scale, and how to use diminished notes in our chord progressions to create variety and movement. Diminished notes promote movement and create beautiful dissonances that embellish our harmonic progressions. The use of diminished notes is a great resource for arranging strings, horns and they are also great to play when doing chord-melody, to facilitate counterpoint.

The Major 6th Diminished Scale

The major 6th diminished scale is the major scale with an extra note; the b6; which is the diminished 6th of the scale.

b2ap3 thumbnail the major 6th diminished

The extra 6th diminished added note changes the scale of chords.

major 6th diminished scale of chords

The 6th Diminished Scale gives us a 6 chord (I6) and a Diminished chord (IIº)

b2ap3 medium 6th diminished scale of chords 2

The 6th Diminished Scale can be used as an alternative to the major scale, to re-harmonize melodies using the diminished notes that come from the diminished chord. The video shows examples of how we can borrow these diminished notes.