Piano for the Modern Musician

This Piano Video Series is intended for the ‘middle of the road’ piano player. For those Piano Students who have reached an impasse and can’t move forward.

‘Getting stuck’ is part of our natural learning process. In this Video Series, we’ll examine why that happens and how to get past it.

Piano Lessons

Think as a Piano Player Does

The only way of learning how to play the piano is to learn “how to think as a modern piano player does.” We can know all of the music theory in the world and still not be able to play if we don’t know the right way of thinking about it.

“Music is a lot like magic.” When we see musicians playing, it looks like magic to us! Musicians are just like magicians, they will show you the illusion, but they will not tell you the trick behind it. Yes, they will tell you the theory behind whatever they are playing. But the real “trick” is the thinking process behind it. The real trick is the way they think about it.

Practice vs. Theory

I’m not saying that we can magically learn how to play the piano. That’s not how it works, just like magic, music takes years of practice to master it. All I’m saying is that “if we want to learn how to play like a modern piano player, we have to learn how to think like a modern piano player.” And we are not going to learn that from any music theory book.

In essence, to become a modern piano player, instead of theory, we need to learn in practice. We want to become piano practitioners, not piano theoreticians. Otherwise, we’ll end up knowing more than we can play. And that is wasted knowledge. 

PIano for the Modern Musician

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