Jesse Charbonier “New Jazz Single”


Federico D’Antoni composes a new jazz single for Chicago singer Jesse Charbonier. The collaborative efforts of a team of talented music and film professionals for the production of the Chicago based and jazz inspired, “Let’s Not Discuss It,” led to the song ranking in the top 5 list of ReverbNation’s “Best Jazz Music in Chicago,” during the spring of 2014. In fact, the song held the top 5 spot on the independent music industry site’s Best Jazz Music in Chicago category for nearly three consecutive months.

The single for “Let’s Not Discuss It” formally made its first worldwide release to jazz music lovers on iTunes and Amazon in 2010. Collaborative efforts behind this instrumental and lyrical jazz classic included the musical efforts of music composer Federico D’Antoni from, Los Angeles music producer Juan Manzur from and arranger Arturo Solar.

The song was recorded in ProTools and later mixed on a 48 channels Neve. This combination of digital with analog resulted in a warm analog sound with the flexibility of digital editing. To create the song’s smooth jazz sound; the team used the Hollywood string section, directed and conducted by Arturo Solar; with Matt Harper on the black and whites and John Peña on the upright bass. The entire production and behind the scenes was recorded and documented by a film crew led by multi-award winning film maker, Tadeo Garcia.

Due to the high-production value of the song and in honor of the Film Noir genera, the team felt that the music video should take place in Chicago, the home and heartland of jazz. Thanks to Jessie Carbonier’s filmmaking background experience, the music video has a cinematic appeal to it. Jesse is a regular performer at Chicago’s historic Drake Hotel Chicago. Production for the music video was led by the award-winning, Tadeo Garcia, and multi-Emmy award winner, Mario Carrasco.