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Music producer, composer, and educator, Federico D'Antoni, was born in Argentina and is the son of a very talented Argentinian trumpet player. As the son of a musician, it was almost inevitable that he would discover a love for music. At the age of 5, Federico’s musical talent began to become apparent when he was able to play the melodies of his favorite TV shows with his accordion.
As a teenager, Federico was already fluent in Tenor and Alto Sax, Flute, Organ, and Keyboards. During his teen years, he studied the new emerging technologies at the time including samplers and sequencers with producer Charlie Smuggler in Buenos Aires. Federico attended the college of music in 1987, at UCA for music composing and conducting.
He went on to continue his studies on Modern Harmony with the guitar player, Daniel DeNegri, and later with Armando Alonso a professional guitar player in the jazz circuit and director of the Avellaneda university of music, in Buenos Aires. While studying Modern Harmony, Federico was also getting classically trained, at the UCA University in Argentina.

For the second consecutive year, music composer Federico D'Antoni was selected to write the music for the 50th Chicago International Film Festival. He was responsible for the previous year festival's music as well. InsidePiano Video Tutorials and Federico Dantoni are pleased to donate their time and talents to the arts, as well as to the Chicago community to make the event one that will be remembered by many.

Due to the success of the 49th annual event and the success of this year’s TV and film promo for the festival, it was unanimously decided to approach this year's score from a different perspective. This year, the music was composed was first, and the trailer was customized to fit the score. The team had ten days to pull it all together with zero available material and a race against time. As anyone in production knows, this is a common occurrence. In the meantime, a decision needed to be made.

The Chicago International Film Festival is launching for the first time in the history of the festival an Outlet Promo Campaign. The campaign’s program entitled, "First Look," is set to showcase the film festival’s new trailer for its 50th special anniversary. The music for the 50th-anniversary trailer was composed by Federico Dantoni from InsidePiano.com along with Los Angeles music producer Juan Manzur.

The program will be released in 1,500 theaters with 4.5 million estimated viewers. Audiences for the new trailer will have the opportunity to view a sneak preview of the 50th annual event of the Chicago International Film Festival featuring the original music by Federico. Viewers unable to see this unique program as it debuts in theaters will have an opportunity to view the First Look sneak preview on a gigantic LED screen displayed at the legendary Michigan Avenue in Chicago. The trailer is expected to feature between 6 pm and 10 pm. It is predicted to reach well over 1 million viewers.

Federico D'Antoni composes a new jazz single for Chicago singer Jesse Charbonier. The collaborative efforts of a team of talented music and film professionals for the production of the Chicago based and jazz inspired, “Let’s Not Discuss It,” led to the song ranking in the top 5 list of ReverbNation’s "Best Jazz Music in Chicago," during the spring of 2014. In fact, the song held the top 5 spot on the independent music industry site’s Best Jazz Music in Chicago category for nearly three consecutive months.
The single for "Let's Not Discuss It" formally made its first worldwide release to jazz music lovers on iTunes and Amazon in 2010. Collaborative efforts behind this instrumental and lyrical jazz classic included the musical efforts of music composer Federico D'Antoni from InsidePiano.com, Los Angeles music producer Juan Manzur from HolaMusic.com and arranger Arturo Solar.

Federico D'Antoni plays the accordion with Playing for Change to help fight Aids in Africa on the Starbucks CD in the song "All you Need is Love." The album consists of 4 songs by international bands such as U2, John Legend, and Dave Matthews Band.

Starbucks Red Holiday CDSince the launching of the Playing for Change partnership with (RED)™ in December 2008, Starbucks has contributed more than $11 million to the Global Fund to help those living with HIV/AIDS. Starbucks continues to support and drive contributions to the Global Fund to help deliver an AIDS Free Generation by 2015, one of the UN’s Millennium Development Goals. To learn more, please visit www.theglobalfund.org

Federico D'Antoni plays the organ on the track "What's Going On? for the latest 2014 CD PFC3 along with musicians like Sandra Bareilles. Produced by Enzo Buono at his Santa Monica's Recording Studio.

Playing For Change 3 "Songs Around The World" CD/DVD is now available for purchase at all major retailers in North America! The album includes performances from Keith Richards, Sara Bareilles, Andres Calamaro, Toots Hibbert from Toots & The Maytals, Cesar Rosas and David Hidalgo of Los Lobos, Preservation Hall Jazz Band, Keb Mo, and Taj Mahal in addition to a song produced by Jackson Browne.

pfc3 coverMulti-talented music producer Federico Dantoni from InsidePiano Video Tutorials plays the organ in the uplifting song from the new Playing for Change (PFC3) album available at the Amazon, Starbucks, iTunes and PFC online stores.
Grammy-nominated Sandra Bareilles sings on the track, lending her richly toned voice and distinctive singing style. Recorded in Los Angeles, California by Playing for Change Music producer Enzo Buono, the song was destined to become an Internet sensation as well as one of the most played and remembered songs of 2014.
In addition to scoring music for the 49th Chicago International Film Festival trailer (2013) and contributing to another Playing for Change track called "All You Need is Love." D'Antoni also works at InsidePiano.com, a video tutorials piano and music education website where he helps musicians from all over the world to learn the intricacies of the Music and its relationship with the piano.

For the first time in 49th years, the Chicago International Film Festival chooses a Personal Composer. The President of the festival Mr. Michael Kutza along with Jesse Charbonier programmer and organizer of the festival decided to bring Chicago Composer Federico D'Antoni to the mix.

49th international chicago film festival logoThe Chicago International Film Festival is the oldest competitive film festival in North America, and for the first time in 49 years, it will feature original music composed by its music composer.
The music was composed and scored Federico D'Antoni from InsidePiano.com. Motivated by his passion for film and the arts, D'Antoni chose to donate his original music as a way to support Chicago’s cultural diversity.
Federico has had a successful career in composing music for CD productions, commercials, and documentaries. While he still writes for special projects, his music can also be heard in many films and television shows. At the request of festival president Michael Kutza and corporate sponsorship manager Jesse Charbonier, D'Antoni composed original music for this iconic festival. The Chicago International Film Festival’s staff enjoyed a pre-release of the composition and was blown away by the emotion and depth of the music.
The Opening Ceremony release took place at the famous Chicago Theatre and was ardently received by the audience. Emotions ran high as the lights cut off, and images of the festival, accompanied by Dantoni’s music, reverberated through the auditorium. In response to his music’s enthusiastic reception, Dantoni stated, “It’s an incredible experience to be able to collaborate with these amazing people and be able to give my support to the festival.”

Federico D'Antoni from InsidePiano.com with Playing for Change at the Bonnie Hunt TV Show in Los Angeles. Promoting the Starbucks "Red 2009" campaign; to help fight AIDS in Africa.

This video contains the Live Performance of the song, an interesting version since the tempo is different from the one recorded on the album. In the video's Thumbnail, we can see Mark Johnson the Founder of Playing For Change explaining to Bonnie Hunt how the Starbucks RED 2009 Campaign works and announcing the band.
Since launching our partnership with (RED)™ in December 2008, Starbucks has contributed more than $11 million to the Global Fund to help those living with HIV/AIDS. Starbucks continues to support and drive contributions to the Global Fund to help deliver an AIDS Free Generation by 2015, one of the UN’s Millennium Development Goals. To learn more, please visit www.theglobalfund.org.

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